Psalm 139:13-15NIV

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths of the earth...

Midwifery Services

I encourage you and your family to meet with me. A typical consultation lasts about an hour.  This informal meeting allows us to start getting to know each other and see if we "click".  During this time I’ll share my experiences, explain available services, and give you time to ask questions.  The cost of this visit is $50.00, which will be taken off of your total homebirth fee if you choose to use my services. Meet Jeni...

The Village Midwife offers  a standard homebirth package listed below. 

The Standard Homebirth Package includes:

~ Unlimited Prenatal Appointments in the Office
~ Initial Gestational Diabetes Testing
~ Hemoglobin Testing
~ 5 Weeks of 24/7 Call Time (when the team is on call for your labor)
~ Home Labor Support
~ Immediate Postpartum Care
~ Newborn Exam
~ Breastfeeding Advice and Support
~ Postpartum Homevisit
~ Unlimited Phone and Email Contact
~ Filing Of Birth Certificate and Social Security Card for Baby!

Extra Costs Not Included in Standard Package:
Waivers are available for tests you choose to decline after careful consideration.
~ Prenatal Blood Work
~ Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Screening
~ Group B Strep Testing
~ Repeat Gestational Diabetes Testing (if needed)
~ Ultrasound
~ Pap Smear
~ Additional Lab Work (if needed)
~ Biophysical Profile or Non-Stress Tests
~ Birth Supplies
~ Birthing Tub
~ State Mandated Tests for Baby
~ Physician/Hospital/Ambulance Fees if Transport is Necessary
~ Supplements (iron, evening primrose oil, red raspberry and such)

When your contractions begin or your bag of water breaks you should contact me. During early labor you might want to have a doula to help you or you may choose to have private time with your partner or family (and just keep in touch with me as things progress).

You may have anyone you desire at your birth, including siblings, friends, and family. I encourage you or your partner to be the one to “catch” the baby.

Once the baby is born, he or she goes directly into Mom’s arms. There is usually no rush to clamp or cut the umbilical cord.

I’ll help mother and baby with initial breastfeeding and give your family time to bond.

After the birth, I make sure you have something to eat, examine you and the baby, and assist in the clean up process. I stay as long as is needed after the birth (at least 2 hours) to be certain both mother and baby are stable.

I’ll explain what to expect after birth and am available 24 hours a day to address any concerns that may arise. I will file the paperwork for your child's birth certificate and Social Security Number.

Jeni Rector, LM, CPM is a Virginia Medicaid provider. Payment plans are available for those in need. Major credit cards are accepted via Paypal, with an additional 4% service fee.


Waterbirth and hydrotherapy are encouraged during labor.  85% of our ladies use some form of hydrotherapy.  I am experienced with waterbirth from both inside and outside the tub.

Some frequently asked questions:

Is the tub too heavy for a second-floor apartment?
No, weight is not a problem in any normally sturdy building.  Most concerns about weight (such as pianos and waterbeds) is that they are a long-term stress on the structure.  Birthing tubs are a very short-term stress.

How big is the tub?
 The AquaDoula is 54" diameter, 24" deep, 175 gallon capacity, with heater

How long does it take to set up the tub?
For someone who has actually read through the instructions carefully, it takes about 30 minutes to set up.  Time to fill it with water depends on your water pressure, water temperature and water heater capacity. 

How much space does it take up when not set up? 
The AquaDoulas come in plastic containers so that you can keep everything in a safe and handy place. 

Where should I put it? 
That is completely up to you.  Some things to consider are privacy, temperature, sturdiness of the floor, and the floor covering (carpet vs. non-carpet, such as tile or linoleum - non-carpet is usually colder, but waterproof, although that's not usually an issue if you place a tarp under the tub). If you're planning to give birth in the tub, it is important for the tub to be accessible from all sides - ideally, leave a space of 2-3 feet all around the tub. If you're planning to use the tub for labor only, it can be placed somewhere with more limited access.  Make sure you like the location before filling the tub!!

How do I fill the tub?
FIRST,  make SURE that you DO NOT have the heater plugged in UNTIL the water level in the tub is above the top of the heater.  If you don’t do this, you WILL melt the liner and the heater OR cause a fire.
SECOND,  start filling the tub with straight hot water from the faucet.  Once the water runs cool, turn it off and wait for the water heater to recover.  Once the water heater has recovered, start filling again.  You want to keep the temperature of the water at around 100 degrees F.  Once you get it filled and at the desired temp, plug the heater in.  Place the black foam cover over the top to keep the water warm and protected.
LASTLY, DO NOT use any electrical appliances while you are laboring in the tub!



My role is to support and guide you through your pregnancy and birth. I provide information and education. This allows you to actively participate in your own care, make informed decisions and take responsibility for your own health. I encourage your family to participate in your care as much as you are comfortable. I have found that when your family participates in your care during the pregnancy they feel more relaxed and secure when I arrive for your birth.

Prenatal Visits: Visits usually last thirty minutes. This allows plenty of time to talk, answer questions and discuss your concerns. I want you to feel prepared for childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. Prenatal visits include checking your blood pressure and urine, listening to baby’s heartbeat, palpating the baby’s position and measuring your baby’s growth.

Home Prenatal Visits: For an additional fee ($1,000.00) I will come to your home for all appointments throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period. Many women appreciate this option (especially those with small children). These appointments are just like the prenatal visits listed above, except that they are in your own home.

Appointment Scheduling: I would like to see you once a month until you reach your 28th week and then I would like to see you every 2 weeks until your 36th week and then weekly until delivery.

I believe in Apprenticeship Training.  Therefore, I work with a team of student midwives that act as my assistants.  They are exceptional women, who have the same beliefs and ideas that I have about the birthing process.  We all believe it is a normal, natural and safe journey.   I do everything that I can to make certain that you have met everyone on your birthing team BEFORE your labor begins!

I will come to your home in the first week after the birth of your baby.  I will come to your home again if there is a need, otherwise, you will come to the office for postpartum visits as needed after that (usually at 3 weeks and 6 weeks). If you desire a Pap Smear, that is best performed at about 12 weeks postpartum.  The cost is approximately $100.
Breastfeeding carries significant health and emotional benefits for you and your baby. The physical contact and hormonal effects of breastfeeding help you bond with your baby. Breastfeeding difficulties are rare, but if they arise, I will put you in contact with a lactation specialist if help is needed.